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Ditching the Budget Blues: 5 Brew-some Hacks to Ride the Offbeat Influencer Wave



Influencer Marketing

Influencers, individuals with a significant presence on social media or other online platforms, hold the power to sway opinions, behaviours, and purchase choices. According to a recent study, 92% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is one of the effective forms of marketing. As of 2022, the influencer marketing industry in India was valued at over 12 billion Indian rupees, with a projected compound annual growth rate of 25 percent over the next five years.

Contrary to the traditional image of influencers living glamorous lives in bustling cities, there is a growing trend of “Moment influencers” or “Offbeat influencers.” These are individuals who unexpectedly rise to fame overnight. Unlike influencers using conventional methods like blogging and scripted content, offbeat influencers captivate the internet’s interest through spontaneous moments of entertainment.

Offbeat influencers thrive on raw, unfiltered content, gaining attention for its authenticity. Unlike polished material, this raw approach provides a genuine peek into the creator’s life. Short-form video platforms have fueled the popularity of quick, candid clips, meeting the audience’s preference for real and unscripted content. In the dynamic digital landscape, the authenticity and spontaneity of raw content make it highly engaging and shareable..

Our Instagram Reels are now echoing with “So Beautiful. So Elegant. Just looking like a Wow” or “I am a liver.” The platform is alive with the sounds of “Moye Moye,” and who can forget “Pawri Ho Rahi Hai” for making our lockdown more bearable.

What makes these unconventional influencers influential for brands?

Brands intelligently engage with offbeat influencers for their cost-effectiveness and simplicity. Collaborations with these influencers involve low production costs, given their knack for spontaneous content creation. Additionally, partnering with them is logistically smoother due to their flexibility and authentic style, requiring minimal scripting and elaborate setups. This streamlined approach enables brands to foster agile and dynamic partnerships.

For instance, the “Pawri ho rahi hai” sensation, Dananeer, has featured in Sunsilk ad, while Jasmeet Kaur, known for the “So beautiful” video, is endorsing Sunfeast Farmlite. From Bhupendra Jogi to the “Bachpan ka pyaar” boy, major brands seamlessly capitalize on these sudden sensations.

Curious how small-scale business owners can ride the offbeat influencer wave without breaking the bank? Here are five brew-some tricks for you:

  1. Engage Actively:
    ● Participate in Trends: Create content incorporating popular lines, songs, or dialogues that are currently trending.
    ● Tag Consistency: Align your content with trending tags to increase the likelihood of your brand being discovered by users exploring similar content.
  2. Interactive Engagement:
    ● Strategic Comments: Comment thoughtfully on viral content, aiming to draw attention to your social media pages.
    ● Quirky Appeal: Craft comments with a unique and quirky flair, making your engagement stand out and enticing viewers to explore more about your brand.
  3. Community-Driven Content:
    ● Audience Involvement: Encourage your audience to participate in creating content related to trending topics.
    ● Building Connections: User-generated content fosters a sense of community, connecting your audience with your brand on a more personal level.
  4. Proper Hashtag Use:
    ● Relevance is Key: Integrate popular and relevant hashtags into your content to enhance its visibility.
    ● Searchability: Make your content easily discoverable among users actively following or searching for specific trending hashtags.
  5. Swift Campaign Adaptation:
    ● Timely Adjustments: Quickly modify your advertising campaigns to incorporate trending themes.
    ● Cultural Alignment: Ensuring your brand remains in tune with the current zeitgeist enhances its relevance and resonance with the target audience.

Ready to discover some more budget-friendly branding hacks that will elevate your brand and boost awareness?

Establishing brand awareness and a robust social presence is crucial for driving engagement and sales. However, crafting effective strategies while managing brand equity can be challenging. Drop us a line, and let’s discuss how we can brew some exceptional branding solutions for your business!

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