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How CGI and AI is blurring the line between Sci-fi Movies & Advertisements? Let’s take a closer look through Brew-Lens



How CGI and AI is blurring the line between Sci-fi Movies & Advertisements? Let’s take a closer look through Brew-Lens

Have you ever stumbled upon a scene where a life-sized lipstick seems to be painting lines on the streets of India, or witnessed a gigantic shoe dropping from billboards? How about an advertisement portraying the Statue of Liberty using makeup to conceal its pores? Imagine a Royal Enfield motorcycle gracefully navigating through the majestic Himalayas—completely computer-generated yet astonishingly realistic. Now advertising has started mirroring sci-fi movies, all thanks to CGI and AI . These groundbreaking technologies have the remarkable ability to make everything seem real, turning your wildest movie dreams into a vivid reality. Delve deeper into this fascinating intersection through Brew-Lens.

Demystifying the Tools: CGI and Generative AI
  1. Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), born in the 1960s, has revolutionised filmmaking and animation, enabling the creation of realistic or fantastical visuals impossible to film traditionally. From Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs to Avatar’s stunning landscapes, CGI crafts immersive experiences.
  2. Generative AI, a younger technology stemming from the 1980s, has surged in recent years. It focuses on producing new creative content, like compelling scripts, catchy music, or captivating video snippets.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Statistics are depicting how AI and CGI are claiming their territory in the advertising world:

  • Marketers Embracing AI: 92% of surveyed marketers reported using AI-generated content in influencer campaigns.
  • Influencers on Board: A staggering 91% of creators say they use generative AI at least once a week.
  • Consumer Preference for AI Content: 60% of consumers prefer content made with AI, while 81% of creators see higher engagement on their AI-powered content.
  • More Views on CGI content: A study by HubSpot found that 70% of viewers reported feeling more connected to a brand after watching a video ad that likely incorporated CGI elements.
  • More Clicks on CGI content: A survey by Socialbakers revealed that ads featuring CGI elements receive 38% more clicks on average compared to traditional ads.

What Factors Contribute to this Excitement?

Numbers don’t deceive; the days of static billboards and monotonous print ads are behind us. Today, it’s all about innovative concepts fused with technology. CGI ads and generative AI are gaining prominence for several reasons:

  • Hyper-realistic visuals: CGI lets creators craft stunningly realistic scenes and characters, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible visually. This grabs attention and creates a more immersive ad experience.
  • Personalised marketing: Generative AI can tailor ads to individual viewers, increasing engagement by showcasing products or scenes relevant to their interests.
  • Cost-effectiveness: While initial setup might be higher, CGI and generative AI can eliminate location scouting, physical sets, and even actor costs in some cases, leading to potentially lower production costs in the long run.
  • Limitless creativity: These technologies break free from physical constraints, allowing for fantastical scenarios and concepts that would be impossible with traditional methods. This opens doors to entirely new creative possibilities for advertisers.

Let’s Have A Glimpse into India’s CGI Landscape:
  1. Coca-Cola’s “Thanda Bachpan” : A heartwarming scene of children playing cricket. As the day heats up, a refreshing wave of Coca-Cola magically appears, drenching them in cool delight. CGI creates a visually appealing and emotionally resonant connection between Coca-Cola, refreshment, and childhood joy.
  2. Nykaa: A whimsical world filled with vibrant makeup products comes to life. Models interact with CGI-rendered makeup, showcasing Nykaa’s products in a fun and imaginative way, resonating well with younger audiences.
  3. JioCinema: A giant peacock, India’s national bird, soars through a fantastical cityscape using CGI. This visually captivating ad for JioCinema’s streaming platform leverages a cultural symbol to represent their vast content library.
  4. MRF Tires: Highlighting safety and durability, MRF Tires’ CGI animation showcases their tires navigating challenging terrains and extreme weather conditions, emphasising their reliability.
  5. Amul: The beloved Indian brand utilises CGI in a recent ad campaign. Their iconic mascot interacts with lifelike CGI animals, promoting Amul products in a playful and memorable way.

CGI and generative AI aren’t just for big brands. These powerful tools are becoming increasingly accessible, allowing even small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to create sophisticated and eye-catching ad campaigns.The true potential of this technology lies in its ability to be applied creatively and strategically. If you’re looking to elevate your brand image and stand out from the competition, CGI and generative AI could be the answer.

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