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Is Email Marketing Becoming Obsolete or is it the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes of Fleeting Trends?



Is Email Marketing becoming obsolete or is it the Phoenix rising from the ashes of fleeting trends?

Once upon a time, emails held great importance and fascination for everyone. In an era before the dominance of social media, emails were the central figure in our digital lives. However, as social media platforms emerged and proliferated, they overshadowed other forms of communication, leaving our email inboxes flooded with unwanted messages. Yet, when it comes to retrieving important information, whether related to work or offers, it’s always our emails we turn to. As per numbers, 50% of customers buy from marketing emails at least once a month. For E-commerce abandoned cart emails yield 3 times more conversions compared to other automated emails.

So, will emails face the same fate as traditional letters, becoming extinct as social media evolves, or will they endure even as social media loses its prominence? Let’s explore this question through Brew-Lens.

The Birth of Email Marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing has a surprisingly long history. The year was 1978, and Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), made history by sending the very first mass email. His target list? A modest 600 people. However, this pioneering act marked the birth of a marketing giant. Back then, email was a new and exciting technology, and Thuerk’s bold move demonstrated its potential for commercial communication.

What is Email Marketing?

In short, email marketing involves sending commercial messages to a group of people who have opted-in to receive them. This permission-based approach allows businesses to connect directly with a targeted audience, promoting products and services, sharing company news, and fostering long-term customer relationships.

But Why Email in the Age of Social Media?

With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, some might question the continued relevance of email marketing. Here’s the key: email offers a unique set of advantages.

  • Direct Connection: Unlike social media posts that battle algorithms for visibility, emails land directly in inboxes. This guarantees delivery to your target audience, offering a more personal touch compared to public posts.
  • Targeted Communication: 80% of consumers lean towards business emails that personalise their experiences. Email marketing platforms allow for list segmentation. You can tailor messages to specific demographics, interests, or purchase history. This ensures your emails resonate with each recipient, maximising impact and engagement.
  • Measurable Results: Unlike traditional marketing methods, email marketing offers a wealth of data and insights. Open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates provide a clear picture of campaign performance. This allows you to refine your approach and optimise future campaigns for better results.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Email marketing boasts a phenomenal return on investment (ROI). With an average ROI of 4200%, it’s one of the most cost-effective channels available, allowing you to stretch your marketing budget further.
  • Global Reach: With over 4 billion active email users worldwide, email offers a massive platform to connect with potential customers and build brand awareness. This reach is unmatched by many other marketing channels.
  • Building Customer Loyalty: Email marketing goes beyond just driving sales. It fosters customer relationships and builds brand loyalty. By offering valuable content, personalising communication, and staying connected, you build trust and keep your brand top-of-mind for future purchases.
  • Adaptability: Email marketing is flexible and adaptable. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from promoting products and services to sharing company news, running contests, and providing customer support. This versatility ensures its relevance across industries and marketing goals.
  • Integration with Other Channels: Email marketing seamlessly integrates with other marketing channels. You can leverage social media to drive traffic to your email list signup form, use email to promote social media accounts, or integrate email automation with your CRM system for a more streamlined customer experience.
  • Mobile-Friendly: With the rise of mobile browsing, email marketing has adapted. 81% opt to access emails via their smartphones.You can create mobile-optimised emails that render perfectly on smartphones and tablets, ensuring your message reaches your audience wherever they are.
  • Evolving with Technology: Email marketing technology continues to evolve. New features like email automation, interactive elements, and personalization tools allow for more engaging and targeted email experiences.

Emails aren’t just about selling, the power of email marketing extends far beyond just driving sales. They can offer valuable content like industry insights, educational resources, or helpful tips. This establishes trust and demonstrates your expertise, fostering positive brand perception.

Where does Email Marketing flex its true power?

Emails allow for a level of personalization that’s difficult to achieve on social media. Use greetings by name, offer birthday discounts, or send exclusive deals based on purchase history. Here are 8 ways a business can use Email Marketing:

  • Grow Your Audience: Capture leads with valuable content (ebooks, webinars) and nurture them with targeted campaigns.
  • Win Customers: Promote new products, offer exclusive deals, and re-engage past customers with loyalty programs.
  • Build Your Brand: Share informative or entertaining emails to showcase expertise and establish brand loyalty.
  • Stay Connected: Keep your audience informed with company news, event announcements, and industry updates.
  • Drive Website Traffic: Promote valuable content on your website to generate leads and sales.
  • Host Successful Events: Announce webinars, conferences, and register attendees through targeted email campaigns.
  • Provide Top-Notch Service: Offer email support and gather feedback to improve customer experience.
  • Automate & Personalise: Send automated transactional emails and leverage segmentation for highly targeted messaging.

Emails are like those age old small gestures that make customers feel valued and appreciated. According to statistics and its enduring popularity, it’s clear that email marketing is here to stay.

So, do you want to keep your brand top of mind for consumers but find yourself puzzled about how to navigate the vast world of email marketing? How do you tap into their emotions? How do you write catchy subject lines? Just breathe! Entrust all your business-related headaches to us, and we’ll ease them with our warm marketing brew!

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