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AI Vs Human! The war through Brew-Lens



AI Vs Human! The war through Brew-Lens

Ever wondered about the brain behind these words? Is it a human typing away, or just our friendly BOT doing the tapping?

Well, it’s a bit of both—a yes and a no. Let’s take a look at how content specialists like us are harmonising the magic of AI with some good old human creativity.

In the realm of marketing, we assert that AI is the ultimate co-author of content. It requires no lengthy brainstorming sessions, encounters no writer’s block, and doesn’t pause for coffee breaks—just a few “bytes,” and creativity is set on autopilot mode. After ChatGPT, the market scenario has completely changed, as it became the fastest-growing application upon its launch. Presently, 34% of companies incorporate AI, with an additional 42% actively exploring its potential. 81.6% of digital marketers believe content writers will lose jobs because of AI.

However, do we employ AI when crafting a post or planning a campaign? The answer is no. Why?

While AI can generate Shakespearean sonnets at lightning speed, can it capture the soul of them? We leverage AI for repetitive tasks like crafting one or two straightforward captions or a data-driven FAQ. Yet, when it comes to infusing a distinct human flair into our posts for diverse brands, it falls short. Creativity isn’t a mathematical equation; it’s the chaotic blend of ideas that defines “Us” as a marketing agency.

In short, it’s not AI versus humans for us. In our crew, we’ve got a dynamic duo—AI and our in-house human wordsmith. We use AI to transform data into digestible content. Yet, when the spotlight is on, our human writer steps in with jokes, quirks, and that extra oomph. It’s like having Batman and Robin, each playing to their strengths.

Curious about the tools we use for creating marketing mojo? Here are five AI tools for content creation that you can also utilise to supercharge your creative process, and no, we’re not including ChatGPT here:

  1. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program): Think of it as the free-spirited Picasso of image editing. Loaded with features and absolutely free, it lets you paint your digital canvas with wild creativity.
  1. Quillbot: When you need content rewritten or paraphrased, Quillbot’s AI can work its magic. It’s like having a clever wordsmith who can transform your words into something fresh and exciting.
  1. For snappy headlines, marketing copy, and more,’s AI can come to your rescue. It’s your shortcut to writing compelling and persuasive content with just a few clicks.
  1. Lumen5: If you’re into creating eye-catching videos, Lumen5 is your creative partner. This AI tool transforms text into engaging video content, making storytelling a breeze.
  1. Say goodbye to background removal struggles!’s AI quickly and accurately removes backgrounds from images, leaving you with perfect cutouts for your projects.

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